June 2023

Retained Gold IIP Award

June 2023

‘We Invest in Wellbeing’ IIP Certification

June 2023

Liberian Registry Commendation Letter

June 2022

Liberian Registry Commendation Letter

Oct 2021

Lloyd’s Register Recognition Letter

June 2021

Liberian Registry Commendation Letter

April 2021

Redelivery of VLCC Almi Hercules (prev. Hercules Voyager)

Oct 2020

Gold IIP Award

Jun 2020

Redelivery of VLCC Almi Hydra (prev. Hydra Voyager)

Jun 2020

USCG Qualship21 – 13 Vessels (all fleet vessels that travelled to the US)

May 2020

Obtained: ISO 50001 LRQA

Mar 2020

Lloyds Recognition – 10 years of Quality Management

Feb 2020

Completion of High Performance Leadership Programme with Said Business School, University of Oxford

Dec 2019

Obtained: ISO 27001 LRQA

Nov 2019

PSA Marine Recognition – Safety of Navigation

Oct 2019

USCG Qualship21 – 12 Vessels (all fleet vessels that travelled to the US)

July 2019

Green Flag Environmental Achievement Award by the Port of Long Beach

June 2019

Transition: OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001 LRQA

May 2019

Commencement of High Performance Leadership Programme with Said Business School, University of Oxford

May 2018

Undertook management of Almi Titan

Mar 2018

Undertook management of Almi Atlas

Nov 2017

Medal from Spanish Maritime Safety Agency for the Rescue of two People – Almi Odyssey

June 2017


Oct 2016

Leadership Development Programme launched

(Primary Colors of Leadership)

Aug 2016

Contract for 2 new VLCCs

Feb 2016

DATUM 1 TRRP groups Launched

Oct 2015

Balanced Scorecard Focus Groups Launched

Mar 2015

Joined ITOSF

Jan 2015

USCG Commendation for response to Mariners in Distress – Almi Explorer

Nov 2014

Delivery of the 2nd VLCC Hercules Voyager

Aug 2014

Green Flag Environmental Achievement Award by the Port of Long Beach

Feb 2014

USCG Qualship21 – 5 Vessels (all fleet vessels that travelled to the US)

Jan 2014

Completion of Suezmax Deliveries

July 2013

Delivery of the 1st VLCC Hydra Voyager

April 2013

Early MLC certification

Jan 2013

USCG Qualship21 – 2 Vessels (all fleet vessels that travelled to the US)

April 2012

Balanced Scorecard Launched

Mar 2012

Head Office Relocation

Dec 2011

Undertook management of Almi Horizon

Jun 2011

Accreditation by IIP

Aug 2010

First TMSA2 Audit by Oil Major

July 2010

Revised TMSA2 Submission

July 2010

Founding member of World Ocean Council

June 2010

Obtained: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 LRQA

Mar 2010

2 VLCC DSME newbuildings on order

Mar 2010

Undertook management of Almi Star

Dec 2009

Placed order: 10 Suezmax DSME newbuildings

Dec 2009

Undertook management of Almi Spirit

Nov 2009

Initial TMSA2 Submission

Sept 2009

Joined Intertanko. ISM Initial DOC Audit (Lloyds Register)

May 2009

Almi Star/Spirit delivered to owners Technical Mgt by Teekay

April 2009

Founding of Almi Tankers

Mar 2009

Signed MOA for Almi Spirit & Almi Star

Almi Tankers was founded in 2009 and has its Head Office in Egaleo, Athens. The company initially took over the management of two LR2 vessels, the Almi Spirit in 2009 and the Almi Star in 2010. Soon after the company’s creation, Almi Tankers deployed its plans for fleet expansion. Between 2011 and early 2014, it took delivery of the Almi Horizon, the Almi Galaxy, the Almi Globe, the Almi Sky, the Almi Sun, the Almi Explorer, the Almi Odyssey, the Almi Navigator and the Almi Voyager, nine 158,000 dwt Suezmax tankers, as well as the Almi Hydra (previously Hydra Voyager) and Almi Hercules (previously Hercules Voyager), two 320,000 dwt VLCCs, all DSME newbuildings designed with the latest regulations and industry requirements in mind. In 2018 Almi Tankers took delivery of two 315,000 dwt VLCCs, the Almi Titan and the Almi Atlas. These were built at Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries. Both vessels were designed in accordance with the latest regulations and industry requirements in order to satisfy customer needs and special emphasis was placed on an environmentally friendly design. The vessels are among the most eco-friendly and energy efficient ships worldwide exceeding the latest environmental protection standards. A tanker management company needs to be totally trusted to deliver a reliable service that is safe, environmentally responsible and punctual. This is why Almi Tankers has adopted the value of operational integrity as its guiding principle. Operational integrity means reliability, responsibility and trustworthiness. It is an ethos that is expected of all members of the team at all levels. Since June 2010, Almi Tankers has been certified for compliance with ISO 45001 (prev. OHSAS 18001), ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards, which mark out companies dedicated to excellence in relation to health and safety, the environment and quality. In 2011, Almi Tankers also gained recognition according to the Investors in People (IIP) Standard, which demonstrates commitment to growth and to improving business performance through the development and recognition of people at all levels. This recognition was renewed first in 2014, then in June 2017 (Silver Level), then in October 2020 (Gold Level) and then again in June 2023 (Gold Level) following re-assessments by IIP International. In December 2019, Almi Tankers was one of the first shipping companies to obtain an ISO 27001 certification and in May 2020, the company obtained yet another certification, the ISO 50001, both ISOs were certified by Lloyd’s Register. Our latest accolade is the ‘We invest in Well-being’ certification, awarded in June 2023.