Vision & Mission


Our vision is to be the preferred partner of Oil Majors and traders for their marine transportation requirements based on our excellent operational record, and therefore ensure the profitability of our fleet and our long-term sustainability.



We focus on working with Oil Majors and reputable, credit-worthy traders who control cargoes, co-operate according to our risk management standards, and recognise and appreciate our superior service and vessel quality.

We achieve this by offering top quality, reliable, cost-effective, safe and efficient services to our customers and stakeholders by:

  • Employing a family of qualified, motivated and competent people, both ashore and aboard, investing in their training and lifelong development. We will recognise and reward high-performers and people who adhere to our values.
  • Running and maintaining our vessels to the highest operational and safety standards by continuously improving our management system and applying shipping industry best practices.
  • Acting as responsible global citizens by working towards the elimination of incidents and accidents in order to protect life, the environment and property.
  • Designing the elements of our success and sharing our collective knowledge and experience, encouraging innovation at all levels.