We invest in Well-being

We invest in Well-being

In 2020 a new volunteer group was formed, comprised of representatives from different departments, focusing on Well-being, towards structuring Almi Tankers’ dedicated strategy on how people’s overall wellness is supported. The group has been specifically working on recording/gathering all initiatives/actions/procedures that Almi Tankers has already in place – some of which since day one – and aligning them with each of the 3 main well-being areas, defining well-being, identifying areas for improvement and promoting overall well-being within the Company. In 2023 the new “We invest in Well-being – We Care about our People” Campaign was officially launched focusing on three different areas of well-being: Physical, Psychological and Social.
At Almi Tankers we created the following definitions for the above-mentioned areas of Well-being:

1. Physical

We encourage our people to improve their physical health by offering opportunities & promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

2. Psychological

We have policies and initiatives in place to support a positive experience in the working environment.

3. Social

We live our Values & Behaviours and we support an inclusive “One Team” spirit by encouraging collaboration and interaction between people and teams to strengthen relationships.

In June 2023, we gained the ‘Investors in People – We invest in Wellbeing’ Certification (attached).