World Café

A World Café structured discussion was held in Rijeka for our seafarers in July 2013.

Participants sat at tables of four, the table host kept notes and stayed at the same table throughout the three rounds to welcome his/her new guests and brief them on the previous discussions; whereas, the rest of the participants moved randomly to different tables for each subsequent question.

Three questions were discussed for twenty minutes each:

1. What would motivate you most to be part of our team and choose to work at Almi Tankers over other companies?

2. What does it take to form a strong team and how can teamwork be promoted on board?

3. If you could be a Manager of a department at Almi Tankers’ Head Office for one month, which department would you choose and what would you choose?

A World Café structured discussion was held at our Head Office in Athens in April 2019.

All Head Office personnel attended along with several Senior Officers and colleagues from our manning agency.

Three questions were discussed:

1. According to BIMCO’s Manpower Report, the shortage of Officers by 2025 will be 147.500. How do you think the Company should act to mitigate the impact of this future manpower shortage on vessel and shore manning in the mid and long term?

2. How do you think we can enhance “One Team” understanding and co-operation between our Seafarers and the Head Office people?

3. For the effective operation of the Company, smooth collaboration between people with seafaring and shore backgrounds is absolutely necessary. How do you think we can enhance understanding and co-operation between us and benefit from each other’s experience and knowledge?