Values and Culture


We are a company with a winning corporate culture based on integrity, good networking across the globe, and long-lasting relationships with our partners, ensuring timely access to available cargoes. We value transparency in all aspects of our operations, from head office to vessels, something that is proven by our willingness to hear and respect opinions and ideas from our people at all levels, encouraging innovation and continuous improvement.



Operational Integrity, Transparency, Accountability, Teamwork, Respect, Professional Conduct, Quality, Diligence, Customer Centricity.

Committed to Operational Integrity to deliver Safety Excellence

Almi Tankers S.A. is an oil tanker management company committed to providing a world-class service that will always meet, if not exceed, all safety, environmental and quality requirements set by relevant regulatory organisations and our clients. We strive for excellence in these fields, believing that oil tankers can be operated in such a way that a goal of zero spills and zero accidents can be both realistic and achievable. We also adopt industry best practices and share our experience with other companies for the overall benefit of the shipping industry. A tanker management company needs to be trusted implicitly to deliver a reliable service that is safe, environmentally responsible and timely. This is why operational integrity is at the absolute heart of everything we do. Operational integrity is a guiding principle that encompasses reliability, responsibility, and trustworthiness. It is a phrase easy to quote but much harder to live up to. However, at Almi Tankers we are devoted to our responsibilities towards our clients, the environment, and our people.

Committed to Quality

To live up to our pledge of reliability and operational integrity, Almi Tankers’ Integrated Management System (IMS) has been designed according to the ISO 9001 standard. The aim is to guarantee the continuous improvement of our services and our company. We hope to maintain this through dialogue with other companies in the shipping industry, adopting best practices as they are identified. Our IMS is based firmly on the belief that preventing problems from occurring in the first place is better than having to react once an incident has taken place. We consider this approach to be at the heart of our corporate ethics and in the best interests of our clients and our team. In the name of continuous improvement, we also seek and respect the feedback of all our clients and stakeholders, ensuring that we consistently meet and exceed their high expectations. Almi Tankers truly is a customer-centric company, with all activities geared towards maintaining our high standards and reputation for operational integrity. Our sea and shore people collaborate with world-class shipyards to design and build state of the art, eco-friendly vessels that are operated and maintained with safety and reliability constantly in mind, always aiming to satisfy the requirements of our charterers and the welfare needs of our crew members, while at the same time anticipating future regulatory requirements.

Caring for the Environment

As an oil tanker operator, Almi Tankers has a significant responsibility for safeguarding the environment that we will not shy away from. Not only do we comply with all relevant legislation but we employ the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard, to consistently and continuously improve our performance. In addition, we employ a variety of environmentally friendly practices such as optimised energy use, reduction of the consumption of natural resources, selection of environmentally friendly materials and technologies, waste reduction and recycling; thus, minimising the impact of our operations on marine life and the environment. Almi Tankers stands ready to respond quickly and effectively to environmental incidents through our emergency response systems and in cooperation with industry organisations and government agencies.