Drug and Alcohol Policy


Almi Tankers’ Drug and Alcohol policy is in line with the principles laid out by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) “Guidelines for the Control of Drugs and Alcohol aboard Ships”. 
Policy applies to all seagoing personnel for the entire contracted period (aboard & ashore) as well as shore staff when aboard. 

  • The possession, consumption, trafficking and sale of alcohol and/or drug substances aboard is prohibited. 
  • The possession or consumption of any substance that may cause an individual to behave unusually in the course of performing his duties is prohibited. 
  • The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages and liquor, e.g. beer, brandy, vodka, whisky, wine, etc. aboard is prohibited. 
  • Masters are to ensure that officers and staff are not under the influence of alcohol when taking over their scheduled duties.
  • Boarding the vessel with any traces of alcohol in ones blood is prohibited. 

To enforce this, the Master is to carry out unannounced and random tests, in addition to other measures. Deck and engine officers may not hand over the watch if their replacements are under the influence of alcohol. The Master or the Chief Engineer must be informed immediately in this case.

A pilot noticed to be under the influence of any substance that may limit his ability to perform his duties must not be allowed to be involved in the vessel’s operations and must be reported to the local authorities.

At least annually, all officers and ratings are tested during routine medical examinations for drug use and alcohol consumption by recognised and authorised laboratories ashore. In addition, at least once per year an unannounced external D&A test is carried out by authorized company on board each vessel. Furthermore, as a minimum, on a monthly basis, unannounced alcohol tests are carried out by vessel’s means and are generated by Ship Master. Last but not least, unannounced alcohol tests are also generated by Head Office at a frequency less than the shortest contract period on board.

Any crewmembers found to be in breach of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include immediate repatriation.

This policy has the full support of the Top Management and applies to all employees of Almi Tankers.