Whistleblower Policy

The aim of this policy is to encourage all Almi Tankers S.A. members to report any suspected or confirmed illegal events without fear of any consequences.

1. All members of Almi Tankers S.A. should immediately report to their supervisors any illegal acts (suspected or confirmed) regarding SAFETY, ENVIRONMENTAL or DRUG & ALCOHOL regulations.

2. If a person does not think that their supervisor’s response is full or correct, or does not want to report the incident to a certain superior (at any level – maybe because that individual was involved), then they may report to the level of authority above that person, or even higher if necessary.

3. Reports can be anonymous.

4. Although team members should ideally report illegal acts immediately, events may be reported later if required.

5. A whistleblower* will never be punished for making a report in good faith (i.e. not to damage another person or the Company).

6. If a person makes a false or malicious report to damage the Company or another individual, they will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment or even legal procedures to protect the reputation of ALMI TANKERS S.A. and its members if required.

7. Anyone who retaliates against a whistleblower (who reported an event in good faith) will be subject to discipline, including termination of his employment if necessary.

8. Supervisors, officers, masters and managers who receive the reports must always act quickly to investigate and/or resolve any issue.

9. Supervisors and officers are obliged to pass all reports up to the next level.

10. The identity of a whistleblower must remain confidential, known only by managers that are:

a.) Higher in the chain of command than the level at which the incident was reported.

b.) Directly involved in the handling of whistleblower reports.

c.) A name may have to be shared with law enforcement agencies if required, although every effort will be made to protect the individual’s anonymity.

NOT reporting an illegal act may be considered the same as participating in it.

Examples of when it is right to follow the whistleblower procedure:

– Deliberate ignoring of essential safety procedures

– Deliberate illegal discharge of pollutants into the sea

– Breach of the Drug and Alcohol Policy, etc.

This policy must NOT be used for reporting general complaints such as salaries, work hours, breaches of service contracts etc.  (as defined by MLC/ILO relating to occupational matters) unless these issues fall under the definition of illegal actions. 

In the unlikely event that it is impossible to report via the Master, the free e-mail provided to seafarers by the Company may be used to report illegal events to the Head Office at any time. 
To ensure confidentiality, the following e-mail addresses should be used.  CEO@almitankers.gr and/or DPA@almitankers.gr

* A ‘whistleblower’ is someone who has the moral courage to stand against illegal practices by reporting any such act to the Head Office.

This policy has the full support of the Top Management and applies to all employees of Almi Tankers.