In line with the set business plan, Almi Tankers S.A. steadily moves towards the fulfillment of its long term goal of growing into a reliable tanker management company characterised by its operational integrity.  The second vessel of the fleet, Almi Star, came under the umbrella of Almi Tankers’s Technical Management on the 4th of March 2010.Almi Star, is an LR2 fully coated aframax tanker which had been purchased from the Teekay group in May 2009 and her Management trusted to Teekay Shipping Limited for a period of nine months. Almi Star is a 2005 DSME built fully coated aframax tanker flying the Liberian flag, classed under Lloyd’s Register. She is holding a “Safety Management Certificate” issued also by the Lloyd’s Register on behalf of the Flag Administration. She is capable of carrying clean petroleum products (CCP) as well as crude oil. A more detailed description of the vessel is available here. Both the Almi Spirit and the Almi Star continue participating in the Taurus Tankers pool(link opens in new window) serving the oil industry under the management of Almi Tankers S.A.