Almi Tankers S.A. is proud to announce that the Company was once again recognised by the United States Coast Guard for meeting the requirements of their Quality Shipping in the 21st Century programme, also known as Qualship 21, which identifies high-quality vessels and rewards them for their commitment to safety and quality. The U.S. Coast Guard implemented this initiative on January 1, 2001.

All our fleet vessels travelling through the US have been awarded with Qualship 21: Almi Atlas, Almi Explorer, Almi Galaxy, Almi Globe, Almi Horizon, Almi Odyssey, Almi Sky, Almi Spirit, Almi Star, Almi Sun, Almi Titan, Almi Voyager (M/T Almi Navigator is not part of the programme as she has had no USCG inspections in the past three years).

The flag of the vessel is one of the eligibility criteria and we are glad that the Liberian flag as flown by our vessels has once again become eligible.

It is worth mentioning that since the establishment of Almi Tankers back in 2009, the Company has had 48 USCG inspections, 46 of which were flawless while only two inspections with 3 minor observations were noted in the last 10 years. This gives us a ratio of 0,06 observations per inspection and almost 96% flawless results since our establishment.

Almi Tankers wishes to congratulate all our team members, both on board and ashore, for this great achievement especially since less than 20% of all foreign-flagged vessels that operate in the United States meet the strict eligibility requirements of this programme.