Almi Tankers is proud to announce that it was certified with ISO 50001 by Lloyd’s Register, following the successful completion of the ISO 50001 external audit / Stage 2 at the end of April 2020.

ISO 50001 is designed to support organisations in all sectors providing a practical way to improve energy use, through the development of an energy management system (EnMS). The certification is for organisations committed to addressing their impact, conserving resources and improving the bottom line through efficient energy management.

The CEO, Cpt. Stylianos Dimouleas, thanked and congratulated the team for this success as ‘Consumption of natural resources is a great challenge worldwide. As you all know, we are committed to minimising our Company’s environmental impact by optimising our energy consumption aboard the vessels and ashore. In this way, we will actively participate in the common effort and beyond the regulatory requirements towards a sustainable future.’