In July 2023, Almi Tankers was awarded a Certificate of Excellence ‘for being a trendsetter and industry leader in sharing data for effective risk analysis and empowering the organization to proactively mitigate risks for its fleet and seafarers.’  

HiLo’s industry-first, world-leading decision support system saves lives at sea. Its purpose is to identify and eliminate issues on the vessels that could lead to maritime disasters.  

Over 55 companies with 3500 vessels share their data with HiLo in return for life-saving insights . HiLo specialises in Maritime safety, Risk analysis and Innovative technology and they collect and analyse data from many sources including incident management systems, audits and equipment.  (https://www.hilomrm.com/)  

In the 4 years that Almi Tankers has been a part of Hilo and having been benchmarked against the whole tanker and crude fleet, Almi Tankers has been found to have:  

-With regards to navigation risk, for collisions, allisions, and grounding UDE risk and associated LE, ‘Almi Tankers operates with a vastly lesser risk than the rest of the tanker fleet. Whilst the UDE and LE risk of the tanker and crude fleet continues to rise very slowly, Almi’s continues to reduce slowly.’

-approximately 25% less UDE (Undesired Events)  

-approximately 25-30% less LE recorded (Leading Events)  

-Other risks, e.g Accident during personnel transfer, LOCP steam in the Engine Room, Ill health & Criminal/ security risks etc. the comparison to the rest of the tanker and crude fleet shows Almi Tankers carrying approximately 1/3 of the risk the main fleet has.

Captain Stylianos Dimouleas, CEO shared:   “We use the statistics to improve our understanding of the facts and eventually manage and minimise all the risks related to any incident.   Well done to the whole team, we always remain committed to Safety and Operational Integrity. We will continue to work with HiLo towards our common goal, an incident free industry.”

HiLo Certificate