Almi Explorer: Flawless Port State Control Performance over 10 Years!

Almi Tankers would like to recognise and congratulate all its team members aboard and ashore for the great efforts and excellent performance on board Almi Explorer for ZERO Port State Control deficiencies over the last ten years. Almi Explorer is a 157,787 DWT Suezmax built in 2013 by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. Ltd (DSME) to the highest industry standards.

Our DPA/Marine Manager, Captain Iosif Voutsinos stated: “The last ten (10) years, Almi Explorer has been inspected by almost all the PSC MOUs and other Port Authorities around the world and not a single observation/deficiency has ever been identified. It is excellent proof that both teams, on board and ashore, are committed to ‘Operational Excellence’. Congratulations to all the seafarers that have served on Almi Explorer and to the Head Office staff for this great achievement.”

Our CEO, Captain Stylianos Dimouleas stated: “Our people at sea and ashore should be extremely proud of this achievement. I feel honored and humbled to serve such a team”.

Well done to the whole team for their continuous efforts and commitment!

ZERO LTIs over the last 10 Years for 3 Fleet Vessels!

Almi Explorer, Almi Sky and Almi Sun!

Almi Tankers would like to recognise and congratulate all its members aboard and ashore for the great efforts and excellent safety performance on board three of our fleet vessels; namely, Almi Explorer, Almi Sky and Almi Sun for zero Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) in the last ten years.

Lost Time Injury is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) established by the industry to monitor and assess safety levels and effectiveness of the SMS. The LTI records all injuries resulting in an individual being unable to perform all normally assigned work functions for even a single day and above.

50% of our fleet operates without an LTI in the last 6 years and 70% of our fleet operates without an LTI for more than 4 years.

Our DPA/Marine Manager, Captain Iosif Voutsinos, stated “Zero (0) LTIs reveal teams committed to safety when each and every job is planned and completed on board. Congratulations to all for making our vessels safe to work and live on. We are certain that the Officers’ and Ratings’ dedication will further increase the free LTI days.”

Our CEO, Captain Stylianos Dimouleas stated, “Our Top Priority is to lead with Safety in everything we do. This kind of achievements inspire all of us to work harder towards a zero incidents industry”.

Well done to the whole team for their continuous efforts and commitment!

Almi Tankers’ continued participation in the Mariners’ Alerting and Reporting Scheme (MARS)

The Nautical Institute thanked Almi Tankers for the second time in three years for its continued participation in the international and confidential Mariners’ Alerting and Reporting Scheme (MARS).

MARS is a free searchable database containing reports of accidents and near misses stretching back over a quarter of a century. Funded through the support of the Institute’s Nautical Affiliate partners, it is one of the maritime industry’s leading risk reduction initiatives and is helping to make life safer for seafarers everywhere.

As a free service to the industry, MARS reports also regularly comprise alerts condensed from official industry sources, so that issues resulting from recent incidents can be efficiently relayed to the mariner on board. With access to the internet from vessels becoming more affordable, the MARS database is a valuable risk assessment, work planning, loss prevention tool and training aid for crew and management.

Letter of Appreciation

Almi Tankers S.A. achieves 3-Year Flawless Paris MoU Performance

As of the first quarter of 2022, the Paris MoU 3-years rolling Port State Control inspections record of Almi Tankers is flawless. All PARIS MoU Port State Control inspections on board our fleet from European and other MoU ports have been completed with zero (0) deficiencies.

It is worth pointing out that during the same period, for tanker vessels only, 3353 Paris MoU inspections were conducted which resulted in 4060 deficiencies, indicating an average of 1.2 deficiencies per inspection.

During the past decade, Almi Tankers achieved an average of 0.02 deficiencies per inspection, compared with 2.44 for the industry. 

Paris MoU is an organisation that consists of twenty-seven (27) participating maritime Administrations and covers the waters of the European coastal States and the North Atlantic basin from North America to Europe. Annually more than 17,000 inspections take place on board foreign ships in the Paris MoU ports by the organisation, with the aim to ensure that these ships meet international safety, security, and environmental standards, and that the crew members have adequate living and working conditions.

Almi Tankers S.A. has defined and monitors several KPIs that reflect the company’s progress towards its Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality goals. The outcome of these KPIs is calculated at the end of each quarter and presented at the Management Review Meeting as well as on our webpage. 

Well done to the whole team for their continuous efforts and commitment!

Almi Tankers selected by Investors in People International!

We are happy to announce that Almi Tankers S.A. was selected by Investors in People International to participate in the annual Investors in People Awards for 2021. Almi Tankers made it to the final round for “Overseas Employer of the Year – Gold Accreditation” along with the following organisations: 3M Service Center APC Inc, Cinos Ltd, Eurotherm AB, First Balfour, UAE Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs, MSC Shipmanagement Ltd, MTN Syria, Qatargas and Tanzania Cigarette Public Limited Company. The award was given to the UAE Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs.

Investors in People has a participation of over 50,000 organisations from all types of industries and their ‘We invest in people’ accreditation is recognised in 66 countries around the globe. They are a Community Interest Company founded in 1991, leading the drive for better leadership and better workplaces. Having started out as a UK Government project, they are now an independent, not-for-profit company that helps thousands of organisations to lead, support and manage people well for sustainable results.

By making the shortlist alone, everyone should feel very proud of this achievement. Congratulations to the whole team!